Current consultations

On-going consultation on the sites

As part of preparing the plan, we need to 'allocate' land for new types of housing, employment and retail development. As part of this we have invited landowners, agents and developers to put forward land for potential development in the future. To date, we have received over 600of these sites to be considered through the Ryedale Plan. Only a fraction of these will actually be needed, so there are choices to be made about where this development should go. We are inviting your views on these sites.

The sites submitted to date are available to view under the Sites Document and Helmsley Plan. Only a fraction of these will actually be needed, so there are choices to be made about where this development should go. The Site Selection Methodology and consultation as part of the Local Plan Sites Document / Helmsley Document will guide the choices of allocations.

We welcome your views your views on the sites submitted. To make comments on these sites, please use the site comments form below:

Please send your comments to:

Charlotte Bogg, Ryedale House, Old Malton Road, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7HH.

Or email them to:

Or fax them to: 01653 696801

Past Consultations

Sustainability Appraisal Methodology Update - consultation now closed

In order to ensure that the Sustainability Appraisal methodology for Ryedale (established in October 2009) is still relevant, a Sustainability Appraisal Methodology Update has been published.

If you wish to read the Sustainability Appraisal Methodology update and provide comments, it is available to view here.

Comments on the Sustainability Appraisal Update (January 2014) should be sent no later than Friday, 7 March 2014 to the following email:

Sustainability Appraisal Methodology Update. (PDF, 444k).

The Helmsley Plan – Publication Version - now ended

The town of Helmsley is split between the Local Planning Authorities of Ryedale District Council and the North York Moors National Park Authority. The two authorities, together with Helmsley Town Council, are producing the 'Helmsley Plan'.

The Helmsley Plan identifies a number of sites for housing and employment development up to 2027. It also contains a suite of policies to guide various forms of development and to manage change in the town. During the summer of 2013, the North York Moors National Park Authority and Ryedale District Council asked residents, businesses and other organisations for their views on a first draft of the plan containing the preferred sites to accommodate future development.  

Following on from this consultation, the Helmsley Plan has now been published for formal consultation. This will be the version of the Plan that will be submitted to the Government for Examination by a Planning Inspector. Any comments on the plan must be made in relation to its “soundness” – a series of tests to ensure the Plan is appropriate (further details are set out in the Representation Form Guidance Notes).

The consultation period is six weeks.  Comments on the Helmsley Plan should arrive at the National Park Authority Offices no later than 4.30pm on Friday, 7 March 2014. For more information on the Helmsley Plan please contact Caroline Skelly on 01439 772700 or via email to

The Publication version of the Helmsley Plan and accompanying documents can be viewed below.

Helmsley Plan Publication Version. (PDF 2.2MB).

Assessment under the Habitats Regulations - Appropriate Assessment. (PDF 286k).

Assessment under the Habitats Regulations - Screening Assessment. (PDF 252k).

Sustainability Report. (PDF 586k).
Sustainability Report Annex 1 - Detailed Assessment of Policies (PDF 1.5mb).
Sustainability Report Annex 1 - Detailed Assessment of Sites. (PDF 1.9mb).
Site Selection Methodology Assessment. (PDF 342k).
Paper on the Duty to Co-operate. (PDF 3.2mb).

Consultation Statement. (PDF 52k).
Equality Impact Assessment. (PDF 45k).

Statement of Representations Procedure. (PDF 21k).
Representation Form. (PDF 29k).
Guidance Notes to accompany Representation Form. (PDF 45k).

Community Infrastructure Levy - now ended

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a local tariff that can be charged on all types of development in a local authority area to deliver infrastructure to support the growth of the District. The funds raised from the CIL can be used to help provide a wide range of infrastructure such as schools, open space, health facilities, flood defences and transport improvements required through the Ryedale Plan.

In order to introduce the CIL, the Council (as the charging authority), has to demonstrate that there is a shortfall in funding between the expected total cost of infrastructure needed to support development over the plan period and the level of funding likely to be forthcoming from mainstream sources of funding for infrastructure. The Council has published an Infrastructure Delivery Plan to support the delivery as part of the evidence base to Local Plan Strategy.

The production of an economic viability assessment is central to the charge setting process in order to ensure that the CIL does not threaten the delivery of the scale of development identified in the Local Plan. In setting the CIL rates the Council must aim to strike an appropriate balance between the benefits of funding infrastructure through CIL and the potential impact of imposing CIL on investment and development in the District. The Council commissioned consultants Roger Tym & Partners to undertake an economic viability assessment for the District. A copy of the assessment can be downloaded below.

Charging authorities set out the CIL rates that are to be levied on development in a charging schedule. CIL rates are expressed in pounds (£) per square metre and will be levied against most new development. The first step towards introducing the CIL is for the Council to consult on a Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule, a copy of which can be downloaded using the link below.

Consultation on the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (PDCS) closed on 15 November 2013. An electonic version of the PDCS consultation document and the Economic Viability Assessment is available below. A link to the Council's Infrastructure Delivery Plan is also available below.


Ryedale Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Consultation Document. (PDF, 293K).

Community Infrastructure Levy - Economic Viability Assessment. (PDF, 1.61MB).

Draft Helmsley Plan - Now ended

Consultation is taking place for 6 weeks from Maondy 24 June 2013 on the Draft Helmsley Plan

A Draft Plan has been drawn up following consultation on the Initial Consultation Paper. It identifies 5 preferred sites which could be developed to meet the future housing needs for Helmsley. Two further sites have also been identified to meet the economic growth of the town. The Draft Plan also includes provision for a site for an Extra Care Facility in the town which will help to meet the needs of Helmsley’s aging population.

Residents and businesses can look at the document below. As part of the consultation two open days will be held at the National Park Offices in Helmsley on Thursday, 4 July 2013 (2pm until 6pm) and Friday, 19 July 2013 (10am until 3pm) to provide local people with the opportunity to find out more about the preferred sites and the proposals to develop an Extra Care Facility.

The Draft Helmsley Plan and accompanying documents can be viewed below:

About the Draft Helmsley Plan Consultation. (PDF, 53k).

Draft Helmsley Plan Consultation Document. (PDF, 4.86Mb)

Habitats Regulation Screening Assessment. (PDF, 745k).

Appropriate Assessment. (PDF, 435k).

Helmsley Plan Sustainability Appraisal - Final Scoping Report. (PDF, 648k).

Helmsley Plan Sustainability Appraisal Report. (PDF, 713k).

Appendix 1 to Sustainability Report - Assessment of Sites (PDF, 783k).

Appendix 2 to Sustainability Report - Assessment of Policies. (PDF , 362k).

It is also available for inspection at the North York Moors National Park Offices and at Ryedale House, Malton.
If you are unable to view a copy and are interested in making comments a paper copy can be provided on request from the Policy Team at the National Park Authority.Consultation ended on Friday, 2 August 2013.

For more information on the Draft Helmsley Plan please contact Caroline Skelly at the North York Moors National Park Authority on 01439 772700.

Ryedale Plan: Local Plan Strategy – Consultation on Proposed Further Changes (Main Modifications) - Now Ended

Local Plan Strategy is in the process of being examined by Mr Stephen Pratt, an independent Planning Inspector who has been appointed to examine the Plan on behalf of the Secretary of State.

During the course of the examination hearing sessions, the District Council has put forward a number of proposed changes to the Plan. As part of the examination process, before the Inspector issues his conclusions and recommendations, the Council is publishing a Schedule of Proposed Further Changes (Main Modifications) to the Plan for public consultation and is seeking representations on them. For ease these further changes should be read in conjunction with the Plan and other material submitted to the Examination.

These changes are formally called ‘Main Modifications’. Main Modifications are changes which seek to materially amend parts of the Plan as distinct from more minor typographical or grammatical changes. They have been compiled to rectify issues of legal compliance and soundness. Importantly a number of changes directly relate to points identified by the Inspector in an interim report which he released in December 2012.

Anyone with an interest in the Ryedale Plan may make representations on the Proposed Further Changes (Main Modifications) although those who have previously submitted representations may be particularly interested in doing so.

Please note that any representations should only relate to the proposed changes/Main Modifications. This consultation is not an opportunity to repeat or raise further representations about the Published Plan or to seek further changes to the Plan.

DDH109 The Schedule of Proposed Further Changes (Main Modifications). (PDF 1.06Mb).

DDH110 Proposed Further Changes (Main Modifications) – Implications for the Sustainability Credentials of the Plan. (PDF, 254k).

It can also be viewed within normal opening hours: 9.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday at Ryedale District Council Offices: Ryedale House, Old Malton Road, Malton YO17 7HH.

Other places:

The Schedule of Proposed Further Changes (Main Modifications) can also be viewed at the Libraries at Pickering, Kirkbymoorside, Helmsley, Malton and Norton.

Library opening times are available on the North Yorkshire County Council website:

The Schedule of Proposed Further Changes (Main Modifications) can be provided in paper format on request for a charge which covers postage and printing.                                                                                                       

Representations can be made during the 6-week period starting Wednesday 16 January 2013 to 5pm Wednesday 27 February 2013.

If you would like to make representations you should do so within this consultation period. A response form and guidance note has been prepared to assist anyone wishing to make representations. These are available at:

Response form. (PDF, 49k).

Guidance Note. (PDF, 48k).

Representations should be sent in writing or electronically, for the attention of Charlotte Bogg in the following ways:


Fax: 01653 690834

Post: Forward Planning, Ryedale House, Malton YO17 7HH

Representations may be accompanied by a request to be notified of any of the following:

  • The publication of the Inspector’s report following the Examination
  • The adoption of the Plan by the Local Planning Authority

Settrington Village Design Statement Consultation Saturday, 17 November 2012 - Wednesday, 9 January 2013 - NOW ENDED

Views are being sought from local people about a plan to protect and enhance the village of Settrington.  The Settrington Village Design Statement has been written by the Parish Council who set out over ten years ago to answer, as a community, the following three questions:

  1. where have we come from?
  2. where are we now?
  3. where are we going? 

The Village Design Statement answers these three questions by:

  1. setting out a brief history of the village
  2. identifying the characteristics and features of Settrington that are important to its character under the following topics: landscape; roads and verges etc, and the man-made environment, and
  3. suggesting a range of design considerations to ensure that new development and land management practises protect and/or enhance the character of Settrington.

Settrington Parish Council is keen that the Settrington Village Design Statement is adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).  This means that if it is adopted it will be taken into account by Ryedale District Council when determining planning applications in the village. The Parish Council will also use the document to form a basis for its response to planning applications.  Such documents provide more local detail and expand upon policies in Ryedale District Council’s adopted Development Plan.  The Ryedale Local Plan (2002) remains the adopted Development Plan for the District of Ryedale.  It is to be replaced by the Ryedale Plan which is currently under production.    

In order to be considered for adoption as an SPD, the Village Design Statement needs to meet certain procedural and legal requirements.  The Village Design Statement together with accompanying Sustainability Appraisal and Consultation Statement can be viewed below. Alternatively it is available at Ryedale House, Malton or at Harrison Hire Offices, Settrington.

Comments on the Settrington Village Design Statement should be emailed / posted to Ryedale District Council at the following addresses by 4.00pm on Wednesday, 9 January 2013:

Post:  Paula Craddock, Forward Planning, Ryedale District Council, Ryedale House, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7HH

The Parish Council will consider the comments made and make any necessary changes to the document before being forwarded to Ryedale District Council for consideration as a Supplementary Planning Document.

Settrington Village Design Statement (PDF, 1.7Mb).

Settrington Village Design Statement Sustainability Appraisal (PDF, 154k).

Settrington Village Design Statement Consultation Statement (PDF, 33k).

Comment Form (PDF, 10k).

Natural England Response (PDF, 118k).

Habitats Regulations Screening Assessment. (PDF, 2.5Mb).

The Ryedale Plan: Local Plan Strategy - Further consultation (ended Thursday, 17 May 2012)

The District Council published the Ryedale Plan for consultation on the Wednesday, 25 January 2012. Since the consultation period ended on the Friday, 9 March, the Government has issued new national planning policy. This is called the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

The Ryedale Plan will need to be submitted to the Government for independent examination and scrutiny. Key elements of this process are to check that the Plan has been produced in a way which meets legal requirements and to ensure that it is consistent with national planning policy. Therefore, before the Council formally submits the Plan, it is undertaking a further period of consultation. This is to enable anyone with an interest to make representations on the implications that new national policy might have on the Ryedale Plan as published.

At this stage we are only looking for comments which you may wish to make as a direct result of changes to national policy. Any wider comments made will not be submitted along with the Plan for consideration as part of the examination process.

Therefore, if you did not make comments on the Plan during the January to March consultation, you should only make them now, if you believe that any change in national policy affects the Ryedale Plan to such an extent that it compels you to make a comment at this stage.

Similarly, if you are someone who made representations when the Plan was published you should only make further representations if you believe that new national policy has changed to the extent that this has further implications for the soundness of the Ryedale Plan. You do not have to repeat any representations you have already made if these related to consistency with national policy which is unchanged by the NPPF.

The District Council has considered the NPPF carefully and is of the view that the document has limited implications for the Ryedale Plan. It is considered that a limited number of relatively minor changes to specific areas of the Plan would enhance its alignment with new national policy. These are included in a schedule which the District Council has prepared and your views on these proposed changes are sought as part of this new consultation.

The published version of the Ryedale Plan and the schedule referred to above are available to view below. This should be read in conjunction with The National Planning Policy Framework

Schedule of Implications for National Planning Policy Framework on the Ryedale Plan (Local Plan Strategy). (PDF, 59.8k).

The Ryedale Plan: Local Plan Strategy Consultation (Publication) - ended Friday, 9 March 2012

Following ongoing consultation over a number of years, the Council has now agreed the version of this plan that it proposes to submit to the Secretary of State for independent scrutiny and examination. Before the document is formally submitted it was published for a 6 week period of consultation to allow representations to be made. Representations received from this consultation will be considered by an Independent Planning Inspector as part of the Examination process. The consultation period ran from Wednesday, 25 January 2012 to Friday, 9 March 2012.

The Local Plan Strategy, other proposed submission documents, representation forms and guidance are available below.

A full suite of evidence supporting the document can be accessed on the Evidence Base page.
The Ryedale Plan: Local Plan Strategy. (PDF, 3.9Mb).

Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment

Sustainability Appraisal Report. (PDF, 626k).

Sustainability Appraisal - Non Technical Summary. (PDF, 168k).

Sustainability Appraisal - Appendices 1-3. (PDF, 1.2Mb).

Sustainability Appraisal - Appendices 4-7. (PDF, 1.1Mb).

Consultation Statement (Regulation 27)

Consultation Statement - Report. (PDF, 235k).

Consultation Statement - Appendices. (PDF, 785k).

Forms, Guidance and Further Information

Statement of Representation Procedure. (PDF, 23k).

Equality Impact Assessment. (PDF, 428k).

Summary Comments to 2010 Consultation. (PDF, 307k).

Council Response to 2010 Consultation Comments. (PDF, 378k).

Background Papers

The Council will prepare a suite of Background Papers covering a range of topic to support the Examination process. However given recent changes/ proposed changes to the planning system introduce by the Coalition Government, two Background Papers have been prepared and are being made available at this stage to assist anyone wishing to make representations. These are:

Background Paper 1: Changes to the Planning System. (PDF, 204k).

Background Paper 3: Population and Housing. (PDF, 1.9Mb).

Draft Core Strategy: Consultation until Friday, 5 November 2010

A Draft Core Strategy - known as The Ryedale Plan - was published for consultation until the 5 November 2010.   This is the strategic part of the Council's Local Development Framework ( LDF ) and sets out broadly where new homes, jobs and shops will go, together with the required services and facilities to support them. This draft builds on the consultation carried out in Summer 2009, where we asked your views on a range of issues. In particular the Ryedale Plan sets out the detailed policy approach on areas such as housing, economy, community facilities and infrastructure, the environment and development management policies.

The Draft 'Ryedale Plan', together with its accompanying Sustainability Appraisal, and a schedule of comments to the previous Summer 2009 consultation and the Council's response to them, is available to view below.

Draft Ryedale Plan - Summer 2010. (PDF, 1.2Mb).

Supporting Information Document for Draft Ryedale Plan. (PDF, 382k).

Sustainability Appraisal - Report. (PDF, 382k).

Sustainability Appraisal - Appendices. (PDF, 833k).

Summer 2009 Consultation Comments and Response. (PDF, 2.0Mb).

Summer 2009 Consultation

Between 15 June and 7 August 2009 the Council consulted on issues for managing development and planing for new development in Ryedale. Below is the document that was consulted upon alongside the exhibition boards and maps of the sites submitted. We received an excellent response to the consultation. Below is the Council's response to the comments made on the consultation document, the resposes do not refer to sites except where it is in relation to a strategic issue.

Summer 2009 Consultation document:

Consultation document. (PDF, 2.4Mb).

Exhibition Boards from Summer 2009 Consultation

Welcome. (PDF, 1.4Mb).

More Info. (PDF, 952k).

Where are we now?. (PDF, 2.3Mb).

Ryedale Issues. (PDF, 2.3Mb).

So what do we need to do? (PDF, 2.3Mb).

Location of new development. (PDF, 1.2Mb).

Settlement Hierarchy. (PDF, 2.8Mb).

New Homes. (PDF, 3.9Mb).

What types of housing should we provide? (PDF, 3.9Mb).

What types of new homes do we need? (PDF, 3.9Mb).

Gypsies and Travellers. (PDF, 3.9Mb).

Location of Development 1. (PDF, 1.2Mb).

Location of Development 2. (PDF, 1.1Mb).

Location of Development 3. (PDF, 1.0Mb).

Which option was chosen before? (PDF, 4.0Mb).

How many houses in different locations? (PDF, 4.0Mb).

Jobs. (PDF, 1.8Mb).

Shops. (PDF, 2.3Mb).

Green Infrastructure. (PDF, 3.0Mb).

Landscapes. (PDF, 2.6Mb).

Visually Important Undeveloped Areas. (PDF, 3.4Mb).

Sustainable Building and Energy. (PDF, 3.7Mb).

Growing the Towns 1. (PDF, 1.7Mb).

Types of growth. (PDF, 335k).

Growing the Towns 2. (PDF, 1.7Mb).

Malton & Norton. (PDF, 1.7Mb).

Pickering. (PDF, 2.6Mb).

Kirkbymoorside. (PDF, 2.6Mb).

Helmsley. (PDF, 1.5Mb).

Sites. (PDF, 1.2Mb).

How should we choose the best sites? (PDF, 958k).

Sites 2. (PDF, 1.2Mb).

Conservation Areas. (3.4Mb).

Consultation on Helmsley Plan - now ended

Helmsley Plan - Discussion Paper

Ryedale District Council and the North York Moors National Park Authority are working jointly to produce the Helmsley Plan, which will allocate sites in Helmsley for the development of new housing and employment land over the next 15 years as well as providing site specific planning policy for Helmsley. As part of the process of preparing the Helmsley Plan views were sought on the proposed content and scope of the document. This document is specific to the town of Helmsley.

The Helmsley Plan discussion paper includes background information and a proposed outline. It can be downloaded using the link below. To assist you with your consideration of the document a comment form is also available using the link below.

The Helmsley Plan (PDF, 1.3Mb).

The Scoping Report for the accompanying Sustainability Appraisal is also available below.

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (PDF, 346k).

Please contact Caroline Skelly at the North York Moors National Park (tel 01439 770657 or email if you require any further information regarding the Helmsley Plan.

A draft of the Helmsley Plan is expected to be published for consultation in the first quarter of 2013.

Consultation on Site Selection Methodology - now ended

The Council has prepared a draft Site Selection Methodology (SSM) which is intended to inform the selection of sites for allocation through the Sites and Helmsley Development Plan Documents. This is an objective assessment based on securing development which best meets the objectives of the Ryedale Plan and associated Sustainability Appraisal objectives. It is a tool for Officers to objectively assess sites submitted to the Council to enable informed choices to be made on the selection of sites.
Ryedale District Council, Ryedale House, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7HH, Tel: (01653) 600666, Fax (01653) 696801, Email: